Sunday, June 9, 2013

This 2013 Enhanced Silver Eagle from West Point might create much needed interest

The 2013-W American Silver Eagle Enhanced Uncirculated bullion coin will have a new look this year, and the result will be a coin that has much more contrast and eye-popping appeal than ever before. The coin will be the first coin produced by any United States Mint that uses three different, and therefore, contrasting finishes. Two of the finishes have been used before; the mirrored brilliant finish and the heavy frosted finish. The new light frosted finish is the new look, and is a soft satin finish used on the field of the coin to gently disperse light that is reflected from it.

On the obverse, the mountains in front of the sun, the lines on Lady Liberty's dress and the red and blue parts of the United States flag have the brilliant mirrored finish.  The remaining items lettering on the obverse have the standard heavy frosted finish. On the reverse, the ribbon in the eagle's beak, the arrows and oak branch all have the brilliant mirrored finish. The lettering, and other devices on the reverse, have the heavy frosted finish.  The fields on both sides of the coin have the new light frosted finish.

Each coin is struck with specially prepared dies at the West Point Mint facility. In order to maximize the three contrasting finishes, each coin is struck three times on burnished 99.9% silver planchets. Each individual planchet is hand placed into the coining press and inspected by the operator before it is sent on to be encapsulated and packaged.

The coin is 99.9% silver and is the first coin produced with special "light frost" finish. Mintage numbers will not be known until much later.

UPDATE: Sales closed on June 6, 2013 with a sales total of 281,310 sets. This number will go down slightly due to cancellations etc., and settle somewhere north of 250,000 sets, up about 10% over last year.

This is a copy of the press release from the United States Mint on January 24, 2013:

Later this year, the United States Mint will also offer a special two-coin set of American Eagle Silver Coins, both of which will be struck at its facility at West Point, N.Y. The 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set (final product name subject to change) will include one American Eagle Silver Reverse Proof Coin and one American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin with an "enhanced" finish. (A "reverse proof" coin reverses the mirror-like background finish of a traditional proof coin and applies it to the design elements, creating a magnificent contrast.) These two coins will only be available in this special set. The bureau expects to begin accepting orders for the set in the spring. Pricing and other information will be available prior to its release.

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